Atomix Online is an online version of the Atomix sliding puzzle game based on graphics and game levels from Katomic

Atomix takes place in a maze like arena. A number of atoms are scattered around the arena and it is the players job to slide the atoms around until they form the shape of the molecule shown in the box on the right.

When the player clicks on the atom he wishes to move, arrows will appear around the selected atom. To move the atom click on the arrow which points in the direction that you wish it to move. The atom will then slide in that direction until it is stopped by a wall or another atom.The molecule can be assembled anywhere in the arena where it fits, but it is easier to build it in some places than others.

The game automatically ends when you slide the last atom into position.

Simply solving the puzzle is reward enough for many people, but some take on a further challenge and try to solve the puzzle in fewer moves that anyone else. To this end, when you have solved the puzzle you will be offered the chance to submit your solution to the site and if your solution is better than anyone else’s it will be entered in our solutions tables.